About Us

The Advisory Board is composed of several distinguished academics and public intellectuals. Members meet periodically to provide strategic advice and guidance on particular topics and the content curation process.

They also assist in identifying leading scholars and experts whom the Editor could consult in improving topic resources.

John Haldane is Chair of the Advisory Board and Professor of Philosophy of Education at Australian Catholic University. As Chair John, provides academic leadership and oversight of the website and editorial process.

He holds several other academic positions including Professor of Virtue Theory, Birmingham University; Professor Emeritus of Moral Philosophy, St Andrews University; and Distinguished Affiliate Professor of Philosophy, Baylor University.

John Haldane
Australian Catholic University
Robert P. George
Princeton University
William Hurlbut
Stanford University
Anthony Fisher
Catholic Institute of Sydney
Candace Vogler
University of Chicago
Tyler Paytas
Australian Catholic University
Erika Bachiochi
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Thomas Joseph White
The Angelicum
Kevin Flannery
Gregorian University
Philip Pettit
Australian National University
Roger Crisp
University of Oxford
Thomas Hibbs
Baylor University